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Model: Ashabi O
Photographer: CNCcreativePix
Facebook: Ashabi O
Tumblr: Nerdy Model
IG: @nerdy_model
*All artist benefit from the recognition of their work. Don’t remove credit*


Thick everything. Thick thighs, thick eyebrows, thick lips. Thick maple syrup on my pancakes, thick everything.

thirstingaintdead theexplorationofvanessa
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curvesincolor theexplorationofvanessa
Tame a mamba

Tame a mamba

Set it to work and starve it

Teach it your language

And when it speaks, lock it in.

Tame a mamba

Teach it your culture

And mock it

Restrict its movements

Find it outside at night, arrest it And when it hibernates

Search for it and send it to jail.

Tame a mamba

But when it resists

And begins to hiss

Send it to the gallows.

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Pale Green x Afro X Brown Girl evoirie

 Argentina’s President Christina Kirshner Has Declared That Her Country Will Revoke The Argentinian Citizenship From Every Citizen With The Possession Of Both Argentinian And Israeli Passports. “This New Law Will Make It Impossible For Any Argentinian To Serve In The Israeli Army Which Is Assassinating Innocent People And Children” Stated Her Spokesman.
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Thereis a revolutionbrewingwithinmy hairand that’sno lye.
By Mawiyah Kai El-Jamah Bomani
blackpoemusic theblackamericanprincess
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